“Pathetic” Trudeau is “wrecking this country”: United We Roll reacts to Teck Mine, blockades and Alberta's economy

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To mark the first anniversary of their original convoy to Ottawa, United We Roll organizer Glen Carritt put together another one to celebrate and to continue to highlight the struggles that remain in the oil and gas sector, one year later.

In 2019, UWR did what everyone in the mainstream media and even some of their allies in the pro-fossil-fuel activism establishment said could not be done: they took dozens of trucks all the way to Ottawa from Red Deer, Alberta to try to bring awareness to the economic downturn and human suffering in the West created by the Liberals’ mishandling of the energy file.

We embedded Keean on that original trip to Ottawa to tell the other side of the story — the truth — about the convoy while the media and the Liberals did everything they could do delegitimize it.

I put myself in the anniversary convoy and asked some of the participants what they think of the ongoing rail blockades to stop #CoastalGaslink and the Liberal dithering on Teck’s Frontier oilsands mine.

The weekend convoy took care to make sure they didn’t block roads or impede citizens from the lawful use of the infrastructure we all pay for. The rail blockers could learn a thing or 2 about how to make a point from UWR

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  • By Ezra Levant

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