Update: Law enforcement escalate tactics to locate Pastor in hiding

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If you saw our latest coverage of Pastor Tobias Tissen then you know he has been in hiding from local authorities. As this continues, it seems law enforcement has decided to escalate their tactics with regards to finding him.

This week the RCMP and an unmarked vehicle (law enforcement? Low-life health bureaucrats?) attempted to raid his house under the assumption that he would be inside.

For hours, there was an unmarked vehicle watching his house from a distance. Then the RCMP showed up and knocked on the door. At that point they decided to take it up a notch, peering in through every window on the grounds, and even texting him to look outside his window.

This was all in hopes they could justify their presence at the property. Luckily Pastor Tobias was not there, and thankfully one of his neighbours was able to record this event as it was happening.

Unfortunately, some local authorities have teamed up with the low-life health bureaucrats in the area. Recently an officer pulled over the secretary to the church's car. This happened for a “registration check” of the vehicle, yet the cops had simultaneously called the desperate “health officials” so they could issue the secretary a $5,000 ticket in relation to the church hosting their own school graduation.

As well as being pulled over by law enforcement, some friends of the pastor were driving along the highway when they were flagged down by people who appeared to be having car troubles or directional issues. When they stopped to see how they could help, the individuals came up to the car and asked for directions, one on either side of the vehicle, peering into the whole car in a way that appeared to Tobias' friends as the strangers were looking to see if Tobias was in the vehicle, too.

The desperation of these bureaucrats is at all time heights, using officers of the law to allow these nobodies to issue roadside tickets is an extremely large waste of taxpayer dollars.

Those who are supposed to serve and protect us against rapists, murders, and worse, are now being used as pawns by the local nobodies who Premier Brian Pallister has tried giving unconstitutional authority. To exemplify how wasteful this is, let me remind you that Pastor Tobias may be on the run, but he certainly is not hiding from authorities.

He has told them multiple times exactly where he is and when he will be there, yet for some reason, authorities want this all under the radar.

It seems by any means necessary, they will try and have this arrest made without anyone being able to observe.

If they do actually want to arrest him, they know it will have to be at the pastor's Church of God during church services. In the words of Pastor Tobias himself, “They'll have to learn, if you want to get a pastor, you have to get him at the church”.

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  • By Adam Soos

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