Update on the migrant crisis in Dover from journalist Steve Laws

Steve Laws has documented the ongoing migrant crisis for years and tells more about the surge of Albanians crossing the English Channel.

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In this report, Rebel News revisits Dover to meet citizen journalist Steve Laws for an update on the current illegal migrant crisis — and it's getting worse.

Steve has been covering the ongoing migrant crossings in the English Channel for a few years now, and gives us the numbers on how many have come across in 2022, and the truth surrounding Albanians crossing to gain access to England.

This report follows the Dover dockyard update which showed two border force vessels, the Typhoon and the Hurricane, along with an RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) boat arrived earlier in the day to drop off more illegal migrants, totaling at around 950 in one day.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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