UPDATE: Passengers from China to Toronto board connecting flights without testing

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I ventured back out to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to see if anything has truly and tangibly changed regarding the screening of passengers disembarking from international flights from foreign nations.

Guess what? The situation hasn’t changed — even though the number of Canadians testing positive for the Coronovirus continues to increase on a daily basis (to date, more than 4,000 cases and climbing.)

But aside from being given a pamphlet by border agents and sometimes being verbally told to immediately self-quarantine, it’s business as usual down at Terminal Three.

And can we truly believe what the Liberals are telling us?

How about this whopper:

According to Minister of Health Patricia Hajdu, some foreign arrivals are actually being given masks by border guards.

Check out this quote from Blacklock's Reporter:

“Asymptomatic passengers are given public health advice including the order to quarantine when they get to their final destination, along with a mask, and told to don the mask should they become ill at any point of their onward travel,” Hajdu told reporters.

Do you believe that? That hundreds of people getting off flights originating in China and landing in Canadian cities are being given free masks?

Nobody that I spoke to at the airport saw anyone being given a government-sourced mask.

And where would the government be getting these masks? Wasn’t most of this supply given away to foreign countries weeks ago?

So, can it get any worse? Um... yes.

Check out this glaring loophole regarding the self-quarantining edict:

If a passenger landed in Toronto from China, he or she can immediately get on a connecting domestic flight to another Canadian destination.

That’s right: a Torontonian can potentially be fined up to $5,000 for going to a public park or playground, but it’s ok for someone from the Covid-19 epicentre to hop on a connecting flight to Vancouver, no questions asked?

What’s wrong with this picture?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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