Update: They’re still keeping our reporter David Menzies in jail

Instead of arresting the violent Hamas thugs, they arrested David Menzies.

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I’m in downtown Toronto at the 52 Division police station. Our reporter David Menzies is in the jail inside. Here’s my update:

I heard from Leora Shemesh, the lawyer we hired for David. She says the police are deciding whether to release him tonight or to keep him in jail, and actually have a bail hearing for him in the morning. As in, to try to keep him in jail until his trial.

Trial for what? If you watch the video of his arrest, it’s David who was assaulted by pro-Hamas protesters. They hit him, shoved him and slapped the microphone out of his hand. And they hit our cameraman, Efron, too. David did nothing wrong at all. Police were standing RIGHT THERE.

But instead of arresting the violent Hamas thugs, they arrested David. David was completely flabbergasted. When he asked what the charge was, you can hear the cop saying it’s for failure to leave the premises. Huh? It’s a public square. In front of City Hall. Where a public gathering was happening — a pro-Israel vigil to remember the victims of Hamas’s terrorist attack six months ago.

It was the Hamas thugs who came to disturb the peace. But the cowardly Toronto cops knew that if they took on the Hamas mob, they would likely fight back violently. And they’d probably get an angry phone call from Justin Trudeau, too, who has already had a highly inappropriate private meeting with Toronto’s Police chief, to tell him what to do. So, right now we don’t know if David is going to be released tonight or not. Efron and I are going to wait here until we find out. This really has to stop.

Toronto Police have to stop being the personal concierges for Hamas hate marchers. They have to uphold the law. And that law includes the Charter of Rights which guarantees David freedom of the press.

This is a two part battle:

1. Defend against the B.S. criminal charges against David (and fight the bail hearing, if required); and
2. Go on the offensive, and sue the daylights out of the Toronto Police.

If you want to help us with those important projects, we could sure use a hand. Please click here or go to www.StandWithDavid.com. Thanks very much for standing with David — and for standing up for all freedom-loving Canadians.

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