Vancouver police receive ZERO threats of violence towards drag camp for kids, despite union's claims

For a price of $460 to $900, children aged 7-14 received their very own drag make-up starter kit and were instructed by drag queens on how to access their 'inner confidence' and show their 'true colours' for four consecutive days.

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Recent legacy media reports covering protests outside of a drag summer camp for kids on Granville Island last week have echoed the unsupported claim that some opposed to the camp threatened to act out in violence.

But is there any merit to such claims?

Between July 4-7, Carousel Theatre, a company that receives federal, provincial and municipal funds, hosted a drag camp for children aged 7-14

For a price of $460 to $900, children received their very own drag make-up starter kit and were instructed by drag queens on how to access their "inner confidence" and show their "true colours" for four consecutive days.

"Parents, ask yourself, what's the difference between what you wear at home versus what you wear at work? You're doing drag, honey, you just don't know it!" reads a message from the theatre to parents who may have been considering sending their kids to the drag camp.

Unsurprisingly, a group of concerned citizens, opposed to the state-supported theatre's cross-dressing kids camp, prepared to peacefully protest against it. Similar protests have been occurring more frequently across the country. 

What is unusual, however, is the allegation made by IATSE Local 118, the theatre's union, that some opponents of the event threatened violence against the theatre's staff.

In a statement calling for defenders of the drag camp for kids to counter-protest against "those who would do harm" to the theatre's community, the union claimed that their members were at risk due to threats of physical and structural violence. 

Yet, when I contacted the Vancouver Police Department to inquire whether they had been informed of any such threats, I was informed that while the department was aware of a planned protest, they had received no reports of threats directly related to the drag summer camp for kids.

This didn't deter state-preferred media outlets from publishing the union's allegations without questioning them, as seen in a CBC article titled "Supporters of drag camp for kids rally outside Vancouver theatre after reports of threats against staff."

The media also did not report on how peaceful the small group of protesters who gathered in front of the theatre and city hall to oppose the camp were, in contrast to the rainbow-clad drag defenders.

Fortunately, I had my boots on the ground to bring you the other side to this story and I had two bodyguards ensuring my safety while I did.

Watch the full video report to witness the intolerance displayed by those who answered IATSE 118's call to counter-protest against the small-but-diverse group of protesters who peacefully opposed the summer camp.

Upon approaching the theatre, I was immediately harassed by an umbrella-wielding, rainbow-clad mob. Thankfully, Rebel News hired bodyguards to accompany me, and the Vancouver Police Department formed a barrier between myself and those screaming profanities at me.

Unfortunately, in previous reports, some police have failed to ensure our safety while practicing journalism and have even resorted to physical force against us at times.

If you appreciate the reports brought to you by Rebel News, please consider visiting to donate whatever you can to cover our security costs while we work in the field.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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