Victorian Greens push for enhanced LGBTQ+ anti-vilification laws

Amid claims of 'increased hate speech and discrimination,' the Greens propose new legislation to shield the LGBTQ+ community in Victoria.

Victorian Greens push for enhanced LGBTQ+ anti-vilification laws
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The Victorian Greens are insisting the LGBTQ community needs legislation to better protect them from members of parliament.

They will introduce a Bill this week amending the state’s anti-vilification laws to include vilification on the basis of sexuality, gender and HIV status.

Greens LGBTIQA+ spokeswoman Gabrielle de Vietri said the legislation was urgently needed after recent protests by “Neo-Nazis” and fears that they would try to disrupt drag queens reading to children.

She also claimed the gay and trans community were under attack from elected MPs.

“We’re seeing neo-Nazis, the far-right, and even members of our own parliament feel emboldened to spout anti-LGBTIQA+ hate,” she said.

“We need to reform our anti-vilification laws as a matter of urgency, and the Greens are ready to act now.”

Victorian MP Moira Deeming has been accused of spreading “hate” by arguing that women’s private spaces should be protected from biological men identifying as women.

For that she was demonised by Labor leader Dan Andrews, accused by her own side of sympathising with Nazis, and kicked out of the Liberal party room.

The State’s Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes however has accused the Greens of “self-gratification”, arguing the government was already working to expand protections.

Today the Andrews Government hosted a drag storytime event inside parliament, marking International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

In recent weeks, Victorians have stood against several drag storytime events organised across the state which have targeted young children at libraries and primary schools.

Symes said the Andrews government intended to introduce legislation within 18 months but needed to ensure changes only came after consultation with various groups that might be affected.

Ms de Vietri slammed the delay.

“The Victorian Labor government has known about the need to expand our anti-vilification laws for years now, but refused to act,” she said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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