Victorian parliament votes to probe Commonwealth Games debacle

After a failed attempt to cancel the inquiry, Victoria's parliament supports motion to examine Games chaos.

Victorian parliament votes to probe Commonwealth Games debacle
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In an unexpected turn of events, the Victorian Parliament is set to investigate the widely-discussed Commonwealth Games fiasco.

Despite the Andrews government's unsuccessful last-minute endeavour to dismiss the proceedings, a majority vote from the upper house on Thursday morning has approved an opposition-instigated parliamentary inquiry into the mishap. 

The government previously sought to refer the matter to the Victorian Auditor General (VAGO) instead, despite the opposition having already done so. The VAGO has since acknowledged that it is considering an active investigation.

With the Coalition holding 13 seats in the upper house, the motion's success depended on the backing of eight crossbench MPs - all of whom ultimately cast their votes in favour. The final tally was 25-15, with only government MPs voting against the inquiry.

Opposition upper house leader Georgie Crozier emphasised the importance of both VAGO and parliament scrutinising the issue. She noted the sudden decision to abandon the Games had caught Victorians and athletes off guard, tarnishing the state's image. Further, the Greens confirmed their support for the inquiry on Wednesday morning.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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