Violent felon released, avoids deportation, for own “protection” during coronavirus lockdown

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A carjacking drug addict illegally in Canada is being offered a taste of freedom to keep him safe from the Coronavirus while the Prime Minister is threatening legal action if Canadian citizens don’t stay in their homes.

Trudeau expressed his frustration with Canadians not self-isolating after returning from abroad, tweeting:

We are implementing the Quarantine Act to keep all Canadians safe. So let me be clear: If you do not go home and stay home for at least 14 days after coming back into Canada, you could face serious fines or prison time.

Trudeau hasn’t ruled out using cell phone data to make sure Canadians don’t leave their houses for fresh air after they have returned home from overseas. Yet, a meth head, carjacking, illegal gun-toting, illegal immigrant, twice ordered deported might be kept out of jail because of the danger of the coronavirus to him.

Blacklocks has the story today behind their paywall and details the absolutely insane tale of Toronto’s Andrew Taino, a twice ordered deported Filipino-born carjacker. Taino has been in immigration custody since he was paroled in 2019. Taino pointed a firearm at a woman in a Goodlife Fitness parking lot in an attempt to steal her car to fuel his drug habit.

According to Blacklocks:

Justice Diner said the inmate posed a risk to the public but appealed to federal lawyers to “work on finding a suitable residence or treatment program for Mr. Taino and ensure when he is released from detention it is done safely and securely to protect not only the public but also himself.”

These are “unprecedented times”, wrote Justice Diner. “At this moment when the Covid-19 pandemic is making the future very precarious for many including Mr. Taino, it behooves all those involved in the oversight of his matters to ensure a just and expeditious outcome, such that he is released as soon as the one basis for his detention – the danger to the public – has been adequately mitigated by a suitable alternative to detention. This will protect not only the public but also himself.”

Taino is an admitted meth addict. He immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in 1997 with his family at age twelve and was granted permanent residency. ...Taino was ordered deported in 2012 but successfully appealed; was ordered deported a second time in 2017 after an assault conviction; was taken into custody by immigration officers in 2018 but released under house arrest when he committed the carjacking; was convicted in 2019 and sentenced to 244 days in jail, and was rearrested by the Canada Border Services Agency last December.”

Taino is a walking crime spree with no right to be in Canada and no respect for our laws.

He’s a danger to the public but he’s getting a “suitable alternative to detention” to protect him from the coronavirus.

However, snowbird grandparents walking their pets alone on a deserted street or at a dog park are the ones that could face jail time during Trudeau’s pandemic.


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  • By Ezra Levant


It’s more important than ever to hold Trudeau to account during this crisis — and we need your help.


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