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“Wake up, fight this!”: Calvin Robinson on the Great Reset and vaccine passports

Lewis Brackpool is joined by GB News commentator Calvin Robinson, who had some advice for Canadians and Australians when it comes to the Great Reset, along with vaccine mandates and passports: wake up and fight this.

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I caught up with conservative political commentator Calvin Robinson, a contributor for GB News and a senior fellow at Policy Exchange, a think tank based in the United Kingdom.

Calvin has been vocal recently regarding COVID-19 vaccines, natural immunity and the great reset on GB News, challenging "the new normal" and engaging in really well-rounded debates about the “official” narrative.

In this interview, I asked Calvin what his thoughts were on natural immunity, the great reset and asked what his message is to Australians and Canadians facing excruciating tyranny by their once "liberal" governments.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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