WATCH: Environment Minister Guilbeault dodges questions on why he attacks Canada's natural resources and promotes China's instead

Rebel News asked Guilbeault, 'Why do you attack Canadian natural resources while participating in a Communist Party of China climate forum?'

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Minister Guilbeault attended the 2023 Conservative Party Convention to criticize the party. On August 31, Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, returned from a trip to Beijing, China, which was purportedly a diplomatic mission.

This trip coincided with the moment Canada was preparing to launch an independent public inquiry into Chinese interference. On Friday, September 8, Guilbeault went to Quebec to hold a press conference in front of the Convention Centre where the Conservative Party of Canada had been meeting since Thursday evening.

The strategy of provoking and dividing for better control is once again demonstrated by the actions of the Liberals. Steven Guilbeault seemed to want to divert attention to the Liberals while the media was focused on the Conservatives.

Guilbeault came to pledge his commitment to the environment and climate change. We asked him, "Why do you attack Canadian natural resources while participating in a Communist Party of China climate forum and refuse to confront them on their practices, like their billions of investments in coal refineries?"

Mr. Guilbeault dodged the question, mentioning that it was a misleading question. I continued with the question: "What are your thoughts on Alberta Premier Danielle Smith telling you to 'zip it' when attacking her province's natural resources and calling you hypocritical due to your soft stance on China, where you sit on a Communist Beijing climate forum?"

However, Mr. Guilbeault did not engage further in the discussion. Mr. Guilbeault continues to strongly criticize the Canadian oil industry while travelling to China

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  • By Ezra Levant

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