WATCH: Fox News fawns over Poilievre's handling of reporter

Pierre Poilievre's exchange with a reporter went viral online, with Fox host Greg Gutfeld and his guests reacting to the clip in a segment called 'Our Favourite Canadian'.

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Rebel News boss Ezra Levant recently attended a press conference hosted by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre. There, Ezra asked Poilievre about how the government should respond to non-citizens backing terror organizations like Hamas during anti-Israel rallies.

Of course, Rebel News wasn't the only media organization in attendance for the Conservative leader's press conference. A few other outlets, like The Canadian Press, had reporters attending as well.

One reporter from CP asked Poilievre about his comments branding an explosion at the Niagara Falls Canada-U.S. border crossing as “terrorism.” Poilievre fired back at the reporter, citing media reports, particularly from CTV News, which described the incident as terrorism.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government appeared to be treating the incident as terrorism, with the PM leaving Commons during question period. Later in the day, authorities clarified the explosion was the result of an accident and not linked to terror.

Poilievre's exchange went viral online, where it was even picked up by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who shared the clip on his late-night talk show Gutfeld! in a reaction segment called “Our Favorite Canadian”.

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