“We don't want Communism in Canada!”: Chinese-Canadians hold #MAGA rally in Vancouver

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Some people really love Donald Trump.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind — I know a lot of people hate him, too. But when you compare the amount of people that are willing to pack a MAGA rally during a “pandemic," it is impressive isn’t it? 

Perhaps even more impressive is that after election voting has finished — and the dead have returned to their graves  while we await for the election to be called, MAGA rallies are still happening. 

Some Trump rallies have been held in Canada as well. Thankfully, I have yet to hear of a Canadian MAGA rally where Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs showed up to attack the Trump supporters, like was recently reported by my new colleague, Kim Klacik. 

This past Sunday, I attended a small, but passionate MAGA Rally in Vancouver, B.C. The rally took place in front of the the Vancouver Art Gallery and was attended predominantly by Chinese-Canadians who are demanding transparency in the media, awareness about censorship and who believe Canadians will benefit from Trump continuing his presidency for four more years. 

Click here to watch my full report of the protest here!

Are you surprised to see Vancouverites protesting for Trump? I’m not, as just a few weeks ago I did another report on Canadians who are proud Trump supporters. 

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