We dropped off 20,000 Organs not Coercion signatures at Alberta Premier Smith's office

Health practitioners are still denying life-saving care to Albertans who chose to not take the COVID shot. Rebel News took action against this medical coercion by delivering a petition with over 20,000 of your signatures to Danielle Smith's Southern Alberta office.

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Sheila Annette Lewis is an Alberta resident who is suffering from a terminal condition and requires an organ transplant to survive. Although Sheila proved she had a natural immunity to COVID, this was not enough, and Alberta Health Services (AHS) contracted doctors refused Sheila, saying that she and her family would have to get the shots and boosters for COVID if she wanted this life-saving surgery. Ms. Lewis refused, citing safety concerns, and later her already-acquired natural immunity.

With legal support from Umar Sheikh of Sheikh Legal, Ms. Lewis was able to come to a satisfactory deal with AHS and the doctors involved after pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit against them. When they came to terms with Sheila Annette Lewis it was made confidential, so we don’t know what they provided Sheila, but what we do know is that they didn’t walk away scot-free.

If AHS hadn’t done anything wrong by denying this life-saving care over a COVID shot, they wouldn’t have come to a deal like they did. This proves that not only those being denied access to life-saving health care and their families think there’s something wrong with this denial of treatment, but so do AHS and their contracted doctors.

It’s not just Sheila Annette Lewis who has been denied this life-saving care here in Alberta, there are many others. Joanie is one of those people, who even though the pandemic is over, still is being denied a life-saving organ transplant because of her COVID vaccination status. She remains fighting for her life as time runs out to perform the transplant she desperately needs in order to live.

For some like Garnet Harper who required a life-saving kidney transplant to survive but was denied over his vaccination status, it is already too late. His family, wife, and five children are now left with only the memories of the man they love.

A Canadian military tribunal recently ruled compelled vaccination 'may be a Charter rights violation,' a senior Health Canada official who approved COVID jabs, called 'underreporting' of 'adverse events' a ‘well-known fact’, and the payouts for vaccine-injured Canadians is now growing beyond seven figures.

It’s more than fair to ask why practitioners are still allowed to deny service based on new COVID-19 or mRNA treatments, leading to the deaths of an untold number of Canadians.

That’s why I was sent to bring our "Organs Not Coercion" petition to the McDougall Centre in Calgary, Alberta, which houses Premier Smith’s southern Alberta Office. Over 20,000 Canadians have signed their name to the list we started at OrgansNotCoercion.ca calling on Alberta to rescind the mandating or enforcement of these new COVID treatments as a barrier to equal access to health care.

Smith’s office received that petition and has the power to do something here in Alberta to secure equal access to health care for the unvaccinated and those not fully up to date with their new-age treatments. One can hope Premier Smith will seriously consider doing right by the people of Alberta, but this isn’t just a problem in one province.

Canadians across the country are being denied access to life-saving surgeries. That’s why we expanded our Organs Not Coercion campaign to a national level because, of course, this isn’t just an Alberta issue — this is a national crisis.

Big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, who would have those who refuse their drugs be financially and socially crippled, have contractually swayed our politicians and doctors into denying tax-paying Canadians life-saving care. They have begun issuing death sentences for those who do not take their shot. Add your name to the petition at OrgansNotCoercion.ca to tell our government this is not OK, and it will not be forgotten.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

Organs, Not Coercion!

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