‘We've got to stop politicizing the weather,’ Gov DeSantis tells Rebel News

The Florida governor tells Rebel News that people need to stop playing politics in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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On Sunday, I traveled to Yankeetown, Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis was holding a press conference regarding the state's response to Hurricane Idalia's aftermath.

I asked the governor if he trusts the President Joe Biden and the federal administration to assist, given the government's poor response to disasters in Maui, Hawaii, and East Palestine, Ohio.

While in Florida on Saturday, President Biden said he hasn't had time to visit East Palestine yet because he needs to go to India and other countries first. “I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine. There’s a lot going on,” Biden said.

I also asked DeSantis about how the Biden administration and the corporate press has been blaming climate change for hurricanes and other natural disasters. 

“We've got to stop politicizing the weather and stop politicizing natural disasters,” Gov. DeSantis said.

I also asked attendees how they felt Gov. DeSantis handled the response to Idalia. When I tried asking about Biden showing up to Florida on Saturday, most answered "no comment" reflecting the president's response when he was asked about Hawaii a few weeks ago. You can see all of Rebel News' coverage from onthe ground in Hawaii at TheTruthAboutMaui.com.

I also had the chance to survey the area in Yankeetown to get a sense of the destruction left by Idalia.

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