WHAT DID THEY EAT? Trudeau expenses $1200 for family meals on round trip to Costa Rica

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In typical Trudeau fashion, Canada’s first family charged the taxpayer for their gourmet in-flight food during their extended family vacation in Costa Rica last Christmas.

Today’s story comes to us by way of an order paper question asked to the government by Ontario Conservative MP John Brassard. He wanted to know the details of the family getaway, including:

“information on the legs of the flight to and from Costa Rica, aircraft, date, departure, arrival, the number of passengers excluding security detail, names, the purpose of the flight and catering costs.”

According to True North, the Vacationer-in-Chief’s extra-long yuletide “me-time” involved hanging ten with politicians, ignoring personal grooming, and buying what could have been booze in a brown paper bag.

The food bill for the family of five on the flight down to Costa Rica on December 20, 2019, was $323.54. The flight back to Ottawa on January 4, 2020, came with a $912.17 bill for food and drinks for the Trudeaus.

WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY EATING? Baby Elephant a la Mugabe?

However, I am surprised by absolutely none of this and you probably aren’t, either. Rebel News has been covering how Trudeau spoils himself and his inner circle with your money for years. Two months ago, I analyzed the food and liquor costs from six of Trudeau’s official trips in 2019 and found that Trudeau spent $370,000 on food, and another $3,200 on booze during six government Airbus trips in 2019.

Last year, I did the same for some of Trudeau’s 2018 official flights and discovered Trudeau rang up $384,000 in food, liquor on only FIVE flights.

At least those pricey flights were official business, but this trip to Costa Rica was personal. Taxpayers have to be on the hook for security and the private plane; those are the rules and the PM can’t just take a commercial flight. And it seems Trudeau did reimburse the cost of a commercial flight to Costa Rica.

But the gourmet food and booze? Well, that’s on us!

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  • By Ezra Levant


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