What is Lysenkoism, and how does it impact our lives? Dr. James Lindsay explains

Dr. James Lindsay discussed Trofim Lysenko, a Soviet agriculturalist who believed that applying communist theory to plants would lead to enhanced growth. Lindsay remarked that Lysenko was 'queering agricultural science.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Dr. James Lindsay joined to discuss his new book titled, The Queering of the American Child, and also shared insights on Lysenkoism and Queer Theory.

Ezra asked Dr. James Lindsay about Lysenkoism, questioning if it involved attempting to "queer" science. He sought clarification on the concept, mentioning his recent readings on Lysenkoism, Lamarckism, and genetics, and asked Dr. Lindsay to explain how Lysenkoism applies to our lives.

Lindsay said that Lysenkoism is a significant term associated with Trofim Lysenko, a Soviet agriculturalist known for his controversial approach to farming.

"Certainly he was queering agricultural science and what he believed was absolutely insane. He believed that if you applied communist theory to plants that they would grow better, but you might have to actually teach the plants or lecture to the seeds," Lindsay added.

Lindsay further explained that people would read Soviet literature and Marxist theory before planting seeds. They believed that planting seeds in high-density areas, that it would lead to communal growth and improvement.

Lysenko rejected Western genetics, believing that oats could transform into barley under certain conditions. This approach was supported by Stalin, who fully backed Lysenko's unconventional scientific ideology with the resources of the Soviet State.

"And the result was exactly what you would predict, famines, massive famines," Lindsay stated.

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