What's Ottawa been like for the past week? Embedded Rebel Lincoln Jay explains

Lincoln Jay joins Ezra Levant to discuss the Freedom Convoy's first week in Ottawa.

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Rebel News reporter Lincoln Jay has been in Ottawa since the Freedom Convoy arrived in the nation's capital. Having been in the city since things began, Lincoln has perhaps one of the best perspectives to accurately portray just what the protest has been like since it began last week.

Joining Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Lincoln told Ezra about what he's seen since the convoy rolled into Ottawa.

Speaking about police in the city being reluctant to use force to remove the demonstration, Lincoln told Ezra:

The complete vibe I've gotten on the street here is that the police officers, for the most part, are in support. I had a police officer help me get through a barricade when I was returning my rental car yesterday, and he looked at my hat, saw the hat, and said “Rebel News?” and I said, “Yeah, are you a fan?”

He said “I can't answer that and then winked at me.”

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