“If we don't stick together we are going to lose”: Whistle Stop Cafe owner remains in jail

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Saturday, Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe held a protest rally in the "freedom park" adjacent to his now chained-up gas station/convenience store/restaurant.

Chris has been leading the restaurant rebellion in Alberta against the lockdown restrictions here since he reopened his restaurant in defiance of public health orders back in January.

Saturday's act of free speech and free assembly landed Chris in jail before the night was over.

Thursday afternoon, Alberta Health Services appeared before a judge in Calgary and received a secret restraining order against Chris Scott, Glen Carritt of United We Roll, and unnamed Jane and John Does — so that's everybody else in the province — restricting their ability to organize, participate or promote an illegal public gathering.

That's the Orwellian term the government now uses to describe peaceful assembly and free speech.

The stakes have changed in Alberta.

With the province’s new restrictions limiting outdoor gatherings to just five people, coupled with the province's new restraining order against the Charter rights of every citizen in Alberta, people are no longer risking fines but rather being charged with contempt of court.

Yet the threat of a trip to the slammer, an enormous police presence, and the cold rainy weather were not enough to scare approximately 1,500 people from showing up to support Chris in his staredown with the province.

The province has already taken so much away from Chris.

Officials executed a closure order at dawn on Wednesday, closing off the town of Mirror's only gas station and convenience store. The next closest baby Tylenol or ethanol blended fuel are available for purchase 20 km up the road in Bashaw.

Now the province has taken Chris’s liberty too.

He was arrested and taken into custody at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday night for contempt of the restraining order against him and all Albertans.

He remains in Remand in Red Deer, and his lawyer Chad Williamson and his entire firm at Williamson Law have been fighting ferociously to have Chris released.

If you'd like to help support Chris as he fights for his freedom and for other small business owners and the right to protest the government in a free society, please donate today at www.FightTheFines.com. Any donations there now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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