Why dropping mandates didn't stop people protesting in B.C.

This past weekend's Worldwide Freedom Rally in Vancouver wasn't without its share of controversy.

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British Columbia's decision to stop forcing people to wear masks, and to soon end the divisive vaccine passport, didn't stop the nearly 2,000 pro-freedom protesting from gathering at Vancouver's Jack Poole Plaza this past Saturday.

On one side of the plaza, the seventh Worldwide Freedom Rally, hosted by organizers Alicia Johnson and Danielle Pistilli, set up a demonstration planned weeks before, with speeches, live music and a motivational message.

On the other side of the plaza, a group called Stand United also had speeches and featured activist Chris Sky, who had recently discussed his intention to “take over that event for the people.”

Despite the drama and divisiveness in the air, I set out to ask protesters on both sides what freedoms they were still fighting for with mandates dropping, and to get their opinion on a recent tantrum thrown by Premier John Horgan, when he incorrectly believed a freedom convoy planned to occupy Victoria last week.

Horgan dismissed such freedom protesters by saying they should “give [their] head a shake” and “watch television and see the evening news about real tragedies and real disruptions that are going on in Europe right now.”

Watch this video and hear their answers to these questions and see the moment when the drama caught up to me, when Chris Sky and some of his followers decided to march onto the stage of the Worldwide Freedom Rally while local singer and restaurateur Federico Fuoco was performing Neil Diamond's crowd favourite, “Sweet Caroline”.

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