Climate activists attempt to avoid skeptical Rebel News' questions

On multiple occasions throughout the week, activists who were interviewed by Rebel News engaged in similar behaviour.

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Climate activists who travelled from different parts of the world to protest in front of the Shaw Centre in Ottawa during the United Nations Plastics Summit attempted to evade skeptical questions from Rebel News.

Throughout a full week, the United Nations held a plastics summit at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. More than 4,000 delegates flew across the planet to attend and lecture the world on how to live their lives as well as to participate in drafting new regulations that will further constrain ordinary citizens in their daily lives.

These delegates determine what they deem best for us and how it will impact our economy, without the possibility for us to hold them accountable.

Not only were delegates present, but activists from multiple countries also joined to increase pressure on decision-makers. On the opposite side of the street stood a gigantic piece of art named the Giant Plastic Tap, constructed from plastic litter.

The creator, Benjamin Von Wong, explained the significance of his creation as an urgent call to address plastic production and its devastating impact on the environment. He strategically positioned it in front of the venue where Global Plastics Treaty negotiations were taking place, serving as a call to action regarding the future of plastic regulation.

"This is called the Giant Plastic Tap. It's a two-story tall art installation spewing plastics all over the environment. And we're here right in front of the ink global plastic treaty negotiation. To talk about how important it is for us to address plastic production and to turn off the plastic tap," Von Wong passionately explained.

While answering questions from Rebel News, a member of his entourage disrupted our interview, attempting to pull him away in order to censor his speech from skeptical media.

On multiple occasions throughout the week, activists who were interviewed by Rebel News engaged in similar behaviour. Members of the radical left movement disrupted interviews in order to censor the voices of those who desired to share their thoughts.

The tactic is nearly identical each time: they signal in a corner to attract attention and then claim to have another appointment. These radicals, who control the narrative, are often fully masked and adhere to a system where only certain people have the right to speak.

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