Why Rebel reporter Yanky Pollak left the freedom of Florida to return to the cold tyranny of Quebec

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup Florida-based (but Montreal-born) Rebel News reporter Yanky Pollak joins guest host, Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss why he left the freedom and warmth of Ron DeSantis' Florida to come home to the cold tyranny of Francois Legault's Quebec.

Quebec is starting off 2022 much the same way it spent the early part of 2021, under curfew and strict lockdowns. Places of worship are shuttered, restaurants are only open to take-out, and the unvaccinated can't even go to the government monopoly liquor stores to drown their segregation sorrows. 

Yanky talks about how he feels regarding the situation and why he felt coming back to Canada to help report and expose what's happening is so important. 

This is only an excerpt of Rebel Roundup. To watch the full episode and get access to more premium content, become a RebelNews+ subscriber.

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  • By David Menzies

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