Will masks or health measures make a comeback this fall?

When questioned about the possibility of mask mandates returning, a Montreal resident stated, 'I will do everything to avoid that, I will do everything not to wear it.'

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Is the mainstream media currently suggesting the probable return of masks in society this autumn?

With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, BA 2.86, which appears to concern American “experts” according to CNN, they recommend the return of mask-wearing for vulnerable individuals.

In Quebec, the number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations has been on the rise since the beginning of August and has reached 637. Quebec has approximately 8.5 million inhabitants, resulting in a hospitalization rate of 0.000075%. 

The Quebec government recommends mask-wearing on its website for individuals aged 60 and over, immunocompromised individuals, pregnant women, people with respiratory diseases, vulnerable individuals and in crowded places. 

But will this change when autumn arrives? Will more measures be imposed? 

In Montreal, people seem open to reliving the experience of confinement if it proves necessary for the survival of at-risk individuals. Wearing masks also does not seem to pose a problem for daily life.

Sanitary measures in the province of Quebec have been among the strictest in Canada: lockdowns, vaccine passports, curfews, hefty fines, and much more.

On about three occasions, non-essential businesses had to close their doors, followed by Sunday closures for a certain period, not to mention the early closures due to the curfew, etc.

Several establishments were ultimately forced to close their businesses reluctantly.

Despite being willing to comply with sanitary measures again, those interviewed unanimously agree that another lockdown would have a drastic impact on the mental health of society and a huge impact on the economy and businesses.

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