Tamara Lich testifies | Emergencies Act Inquiry RUNDOWN

Watch the rundown of freedom convoy leader Tamara Lich's testimony in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission, during the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

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Tamara Lich — that’s a name we’ve been hearing a lot in the media for the past eight months, starting back when the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa this past February and until now, when she testified in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission this Thursday and Friday.

Lich is a Métis grandmother from Alberta, currently living in Medicine Hat. She's a citizen of Canada, a peaceful protester, a leader of the Freedom Convoy protests that demonstrated in the nation's capital for nearly four weeks. If you want to relive our exclusive, on-the-ground reporting from Ottawa this past winter to see what that protest was really like, have a look for yourself at ConvoyReports.com.

However, for months, Lich has been vilified in the media, by the government, by citizens. 

But Lich, due to her draconian bail conditions, hasn’t been able to defend herself or her reputation when faced with this vilification. She spent an incredible amount of time in jail, all because she dared protest Justin Trudeau. For this, she spent 49 days in jail on minor charges. 

On Nov. 3–4, Lich was able to speak. For the first time in nearly eight months, Lich was able to defend herself and present her version of events to the public and media during the inquiry.

The inquiry, once again, is required because the prime minister, Justin Trudeau, invoked the Emergencies Act in February on protesters who were part of the Freedom Convoy. Now, the inquiry is examining the necessity of this never-before-used piece of legislation to arrest anti-regime demonstrators. To support our independent coverage of the inquiry, visit TruckerCommission.com

With her bail conditions making it almost impossible to talk to the media, Lich presented very emotional testimony at the commission. Beginning in the afternoon on Nov. 3 and concluding just before noon on Nov. 4, Lich testified for close to a full day in total.

First up to examine Lich was the commission's lawyer. During that examination, she gave an incredibly emotional statement while recalling how she felt after being arrested and how it affected her life. She also touched very briefly on her views of Pat King, commonly considered to be the most controversial figure involved in the Freedom Convoy.

Lich also spoke about how she viewed Trudeau's derogatory and inflammatory remarks about the unvaccinated, explaining that she sees the prime minister's remarks as divisive and inflammatory.

On the second day of her testimony, Lich underwent cross-examination. During this time, there were some tense moments between her and the legal counsel for the Ottawa Police Services, with convoy lawyer Brendan Miller objecting multiple times to the bizarre questions asked by the OPS counsel.

Following Lich's testimony, another convoy lawyer, Eva Chipiuk, provided us with her analysis of what Lich had to say.

Lich is still awaiting her trial, which is set to take place in 2023. Until then, she will have to comply with her bail conditions which have stripped away her rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

To see all of our coverage and support our viewer-funded journalism, visit TruckerCommission.com.

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