Is Winkler, Manitoba the town from Footloose? COVID ticket handed down for driving with friends

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Young people obeying the traffic laws are getting fines for being in a car with each other in small town Manitoba. 

Bailey Friesen is another victim of the increasingly authoritarian micro-state of Winkler, Manitoba. He and three of his friends were driving around his hometown, population 13,000. 

Manitoba's Progressive Conservative premier Brian Pallister has closed the restaurants, bars, pool halls, rec centers, churches and anything else he's deemed non-essential. So what are bored young people supposed to do for a little fun?

Go out for a rip, obviously. 

However, that's not allowed either, apparently. Friesen and his three pals ended up being pulled over by police, not for speeding or stunting, but for the new crime of being from different households in the same car. 

Local cops checked IDs and, after confirming the boys' addresses, issued four tickets, one to each young man, totalling $5,200 for the carload.  

We've seen police in Winkler issue tickets for singing in the park, having an 18th birthday get together in an empty machine shop and now, driving while unrelated. 

What on earth is going on in little Winkler? Rebel News is helping several families from Winkler fight their tickets and if you'd like to support their battle for civil liberties, please donate today at

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