Trucker fined $1,296 by Manitoba cops for outdoor Christian carol-singing

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Brian Pallister, Manitoba’s conservative-in-name-only premier, recently imposed strict lockdown measures on his entire province, including the closure of anything he deems “non-essential” — and according to him, you’re an “idiot” if you disagree with his decision.

Among Pallister’s many authoritarian decrees is the closure of all churches in Manitoba. But it’s even worse than that. Pallister has banned singing, apparently.

That’s why we are helping Jake Klassen from Reinfeld, Manitoba. Jake’s a God-fearing trucker who organized a singing service in a public park where people could gather (2 metres apart) to sing Christmas carols and Christian hymns. Jake even took a video of the service that clearly shows families standing together, but also standing apart from the other people who came that day to praise, pray, and sing.

They were there spreading Christmas cheer while socially distancing in an empty park. How can there possibly be anything wrong with that?

Pallister found something wrong with it and the very next day, the cops showed up and handed Jake a $1,296 fine! That’s Grinchy, even for a church-closer like Pallister, so I’m helping Jake fight back. We aren’t going to pay his fine. We are going to take it to court to teach that bully Pallister a lesson in freedom.

Rebel News has hired David Anber, an excellent civil liberties lawyer, to represent Jake. David has been on the front lines with many of our other "Fight the Fines" cases, so we know Jake is in great hands.

We’re taking a stand to defend our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, like the freedom to run a business, visit our family, practice our religion, and SING when and where we want to. But we can’t win this fight alone, and we’ll need as much help as we can get.

To support our fight, please go to and help us out with a donation. Whether it’s $5, $50, or $500, every little bit will help us fight Jake’s case and all the other cases we’ve taken on.

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  • By David Menzies


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