Would you let unvaccinated friends in your house? Torontonians respond

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Last week, my fellow Rebel Kian Simone and I went to Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. The reason for the excursion was to ask people: will the double vaccinated be inviting their unvaccinated friends and family into their homes? I have been faced with this very scenario myself, and wanted to gauge how common the sentiment of “no vax, no invite” was.

I was expecting most people to say, “no way will I invite unvaccinated people over.” But instead I was pleasantly surprised to find that many people said their friends’ and family members’ vaccination status wouldn’t stop them from inviting them into their homes.

In fact, I was so prepared for people to be unwavering on this issue that I came equipped with harder questions like, “should the unvaccinated be forced to easily identify themselves in public by wearing some visible marker?” Luckily, not a single person was interested in establishing measures as tyrannical as that.

The mainstream media seems to want us to think we are more divided than we are, instilling fear and disunity into our already fragmented culture with endless reminders about the importance of vaccination status.

It felt amazing to get outside under the bright July sun and talk to Torontonians of all different ideological backgrounds about this increasingly prevalent social issue.

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