You’ll never guess the group in society facing the fastest-growing number of hate crimes

Élie Cantin-Nantel, True North's Ottawa correspondent joins The Ezra Levant Show to discuss removing several petitions, demanding the school board trustee to resign over mask hysterics.

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On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses the fastest-growing number of hate crimes affecting a certain group in society. But what exactly constitutes a hate crime?

Some will argue that it is a political decision, with many incidents being exaggerated or even made up to justify a media narrative, a budget or to demonize people as haters when they are merely critics. But why is there such a vested interest in exaggerating racial tensions in the U.S.?

While hate crimes are generally defined in Canada as "both confirmed and suspected hate crime incidents," this definition does not narrow it down much as many suspected hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes.

A political scientist found that fewer than one in three of 346 such allegations was genuine. The bigger concern is the growing politicization of hate crimes, especially when they are directed at underrepresented groups, regardless of whether they actually happened.

People get famous by claiming they were hate crimes. They get sympathy, they get money and they get attention.

There is no shortage of individuals and entities with a vested interest in exaggerating racial tensions in the U.S. — from civil-rights organizations to corporate diversity officers to professors of race and gender studies. These alleged incidents are invariably seized upon by politicians and activists looking to feed a sacrosanct belief among liberals that discrimination and oppression are the main drivers of inequality.

In the mainstream media, there is almost constant talk about scary new forms of racism: "white privilege," "cultural appropriation," and "subtle bigotry." Yet, according to the WSJ, a huge percentage of the horrific hate crimes cited as evidence of contemporary bigotry are fakes.

Governments like Trudeau's are pouring tens of millions of dollars into the hate crime industry. But what's weird is that they often hire haters to do it. The federal government in Canada, for example, recently cut funding to an anti-racism program after the lead consultant's "vile" tweets surfaced. Similarly, Amira Elghawaby, who herself hates Quebec, was hired by Trudeau to be an anti-hater.

What is even more concerning is that peaceful protesters, such as Pastor Derek Reimer, who protested a drag queen story hour and was physically attacked, are being charged with hate crimes. Meanwhile, other peaceful protesters at the Ottawa School board were attacked by trans extremists with no arrests.

It is vital that we take a closer look at the reality of hate crimes and stop using them for political gain. There is a need for a more accurate definition of what constitutes a hate crime, and for governments to stop funding the hate crime industry. The media should also be more cautious about the stories they report, especially when it comes to alleged hate crimes.

As individuals, we should educate ourselves on the issue of hate crimes and not allow ourselves to be manipulated by politicians and the media. We should also stand up for those who are falsely accused of hate crimes and support those who are genuinely targeted by hate.

Justin Trudeau has presided over the doubling of hate crimes in Canada and in one year alone, he has presided over the 260% growth in hate crimes against Catholics.

And not only does he not care — maybe he he sort of likes it.

GUEST: Élie Cantin-NantelTrue North's Ottawa correspondent on removing several petitions demanding school board trustee to resign over mask hysterics.

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