Zelensky wants Australian coal for Christmas this year

Ukrainians are begging Australia to send them the coal we will not permit ourselves to burn.

Zelensky wants Australian coal for Christmas this year
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With temperatures in Ukraine dipping below freezing and electricity being rationed through scheduled blackouts, Kyiv’s envoy to Australia has urged the Albanese government to send ships loaded with coal.

Vasyl Myroshnychenko said he fears that unless coal was sent soon, his countrymen will be without electricity and running water.

“Millions remain without power as Russia targets our energy infrastructure,” Myroshnychenko said on Monday.

“So we are asking Australia to send more coal shipments and power generators for winter.”

More than 10 million people are reported to be without electricity in the war-torn nation.

“Without power and running water, millions won’t be able to live in the cities,” Myroshnychenko said.

Australian sent 70,000 tonnes of coal earlier this year as humanitarian aid given under the Morrison government.

The fresh request for Australian coal comes just days after delegates at COP27 condemned Australia for not having a plan to completely phase out coal mining.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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