'Freedom is a Canadian value': Conrad Black

The Democracy Fund collaborated with world-renowned media mogul Conrad Black to publish a book disputing the perception that freedom is merely an 'American concept.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Lord Conrad Black, to hear about his latest book, Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada.

The two talked about how freedom is not just an American value but a Canadian one too, and how rich the country's history is when it comes to civil liberties.

Conrad explained how Canada has a blend of British and French law, with French Canadians valuing the rights of the collective over the rights of the individual:

See to the French Canadian mind, traditionally, it was nonsense to tolerate anti-democratic forces. That's why DuPlessis used to attack the communists for example. And they said, 'You English are idiots. You're allowing these people to exploit democracy to attack democracy. And this makes no sense.' And you can see the logic of it.

Ezra responded:

You can see it today in our streets, we see people marching against Canada calling for Jihad using our freedoms perhaps to attack our freedoms.

They spoke about other ways in which the left has attempted to destroy Canada's history of civil liberties. Ezra mentioned how in Queen's Park in Toronto, a statue of Sir John A MacDonald, Canada's founder and first Prime Minister, has been caged in a wooden box over protests that MacDonald was a racist. Conrad spoke his thoughts on the matter:

It's of course tangled up in the complicated and very vexing issue of the historic treatment of the native people, and the charge against MacDonald is that he was hostile to them, a racist, and was responsible for an unreasonable and unjust treatment of them. And in my opinion, that's an unjust charge...

He was undoubtedly a very constructive force because he said you want to take the Indian you know, out of the Indian and, and make him a Canadian. What he really meant was that he wanted to give the native people the right to participate fully in Canadian life if they wanted to, he gave them the right to vote. How do these native radicals go around hanging him in effigy and calling him a genocide is trying to exterminate them when he gave them the right to vote... Now, maybe the policies weren't overly successful, but the motivation was good. And yet we have these lunatics accusing the founder of our country of being virtually a replicator of Hitler. It's a scandal.

Purchase your own copy of Lord Conrad Black's new book at www.ForgottenHistoryBook.com.

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The Democracy Fund's groundbreaking new book sheds light on a crucial aspect of Canada's history. Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada by Conrad Black delves into the evolution of individual rights in the country, revealing a rich tapestry of struggles, controversies, and triumphs that have shaped Canada's social and political landscape.


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