Canada’s forgotten civil rights history, with Lord Conrad Black

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Tonight, Ezra Levant breaks down a new book, Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada with its author, Lord Conrad Black.

Though many consider civil liberties and freedom as a foreign concept, alien to the Canadian identity, 'that freedom stuff' is not merely an 'American concept.'

The Democracy Fund collaborated with world-renowned media mogul Conrad Black to publish a book disputing those perceptions. 

From the days of New France, British colonial rule, and the 156 years of Confederation, Canada has a rich history in championing the civil rights of its people, however imperfectly.

While the country takes pride in "peace, order and good government," it is no stranger to taking fire from anti-democratic forces.

From Hamas to the Anglophone Communists of yesteryear, these radical forces exploit democracy to attack our democracy.

Canada's history, though imperfect, remains an example to admire among the free world.

GUEST: Lord Conrad Black, on his book Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada.

To purchase your own copy of Lord Conrad Black's new book, visit

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The Democracy Fund's groundbreaking new book sheds light on a crucial aspect of Canada's history. Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada by Conrad Black delves into the evolution of individual rights in the country, revealing a rich tapestry of struggles, controversies, and triumphs that have shaped Canada's social and political landscape.


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