'It's wrong to sell any kind of fossil fuel' and 'it's terrible that we should be using carbon based fuel of any sort'

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Lorne Gunter, Senior Columnist for the Edmonton Sun.

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"I think it is morally and security wise and economically, a better thing for the world to buy from Canada than from a military authoritarian regime. Maybe I'm saying the obvious," said Ezra.

In response, Lorne Gunter, Canadian columnist responded by saying, "You are saying the obvious, but it's not obvious to the people who need to be hearing. It includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And it's not just an economic or national security argument that can be made for this."

Gunter added:

Our natural gas is cleaner than, for instance, other countries, natural gas, and particularly China's coal. So if we could export our natural gas to China or to India, India uses a lot of coal and power generation as well.

If we could displace some of that coal in there in their power grid with natural gas from western Canada, then we would be improving the world's environment as well.

And I'm not you know, I am not a big believer in the climate change hysteria. I don't think that the climate is changing outrageously differently than it always has. I don't think human beings are behind it.

But if you accept that that's the case, if you if you are going to buy into the global warming theory, then buying natural gas from democracies where they value the environment and they work hard to reduce the number of emissions created when they pump the gas out of the ground, then it's an environmental argument you make.

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