An off-duty cop criticizes Trudeau, so the CBC knows what to do to him

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Black Lives Matter is a U.S. corporation. It’s a slogan but it’s also a powerful and manipulative phrase — what, you don’t think Black Lives Matter? You’re a racist for disagreeing with the tactics of a company by that same name! But at the end of a day it’s a business.

And wow, what a business. They made $90 million in a single year, their executives are accused of siphoning off millions for their personal use and they went on a real estate buying binge — I mean, if you ask questions about that, obviously you don’t think Black Lives Matter, so just shut up. How dare you say buying a $6 million dollar house isn’t a charitable purpose!

By the way, you’ll note I sourced liberals like the New York Times and NPR and CNN for those headlines.

So it’s not just a corporation, it’s a U.S. corporation and even if you take it on its own terms, even if you are wilfully blind to its corruption, you must acknowledge that it’s an American phenomenon. It’s not a Canadian thing.

We didn’t have slavery up here. We were where Black slaves ran away to, to be free. We were where the underground railroad ended. When Canada banned the slave trade — it was so long ago, Canada wasn’t even established as its own country yet, we were a British colony — there actually weren’t really any Black people in the country — a census at the time showed that there were a grand total of 16 black people in all of Toronto. There were some slaves, and I don’t mean to be politically incorrect about it, but when slavery was banned in Canada most slaves and most slave holders were Indigenous.

It was a holdover from pre-colonial times: across the Americas, Indian tribes practiced slavery as a form of warfare and as a form of commerce. I’m just telling you this because the Black Lives Matter narrative of slavery and reparations and Jim Crow laws — that’s all a U.S. thing. They tried to make a Canadian franchise of it, but other than the stupidest or most manipulative people in the country, no-one actually believes it’s a Canadian story.

So when I say stupid or manipulative, of course I mean people like Justin Trudeau, the whitest of the white most privileged of the privileged politicians. But like recognizes like — he can spot a great grift when he sees it.

So of course he went out, during the lockdowns, during the six feet of separation hysteria, and he broke all the public health rules to take a knee, to show everyone how woke he was.

And of course the only people worse than Trudeau are the ones who violate their oaths and violate their professional obligations to please him and obey him. By which of course I mean, every police force in Canada.

The most incompetent and corrupt RCMP commissioner in history, Brenda Lucki was hired precisely because she was corrupt and incompetent.

She’s the opposite of Jody Wilson-Raybould, the most ethical and principled justice minister in memory, who refused to go along with Trudeau’s attempt to scuttle a criminal prosecution of his bribe-paying friends at SNC Lavalin. Jody Wilson-Raybould was fired by Trudeau as justice minister because she wouldn’t allow him to corrupt a trial. Brenda Lucki remains RCMP commissioner and will continue to be in that position forever precisely because she will literally let Trudeau do anything and everything. It’s her utter moral void that make her so valuable to Trudeau.

Of course, it wasn’t just the RCMP. Police across Canada took a knee. Again, that doesn’t even make sense up here. That was a thing started by professional athletes in the U.S., something they did in silent protest when they played the national anthem at the start of football or basketball games. It was a kind of rejection of the anthem, a kind of anti-Americanism, to be done when the anthem was played or sung. It doesn’t even make sense to just do it, on the street, in Canada.

But again, for Trudeau — what even does it mean for the prime minister himself to take a knee? Who is he protesting against — himself? Whose government — his own? What exactly is he saying is unjust? It’s just so incoherent. And what are the cops doing? Are they protesting against themselves? Was it protesting against the killing of a U.S. man named George Floyd in Minnesota?

Is that what they were saying — they were protesting against those police? Or were they protesting against their own police here in Canada? Who knows? It was all for show — and all to market this amazing corporation named Black Lives Matter.

But my point, which has taken me quite a while, is that Canadian police engaged in political protests, in a very partisan way, not to mention in a very stupid way and a very commercial way.

But it was woke, so that’s fine.

There’s not a country in the west where the police don't have a major display of pride-themed police cars or pride marches. Which is odd, because some of the biggest pride marches in the west literally ban police from attending. Sorry everybody. We should have been more anti-police. Same in Toronto. Same in Calgary.

But that doesn’t stop the police from loving them anyways.

And my point is that the police are very political. It’s official, all the way up to the chiefs: Black Lives Matter, Pride parades, whatever, police are doing political things, in their uniforms.

We’ve talked before about Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing, and the reason why British cops are called “Bobbies”. He came up with nine rules of law enforcement back in 1829. Here's the first part of rule five:

"5. The police seek and preserve public favor, not by catering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to the law, in complete independence of policy, and without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws…"

As in: the police are neutral. They don’t express an opinion. That’s why people can trust them. By the way, it’s critically important that black people and gay people trust police and that police are absolutely neutral in their conduct towards black people and gay people (and everybody else).

But as I’ve shown you, Black Lives Matter is a political organization and a massive money-making franchise. It’s tantamount to a political party. Same thing with those pride parades — they’re not just simply gatherings of gay people. They are political battering rams — often used against the police themselves. Of course, I don’t have a problem with police interacting with people of every background — and police officers being drawn from every group. That’s the point of Robert Peel’s laws: it shouldn’t matter the race or religion of either the police or the citizens, because police ought to be completely neutral no matter what.

But by participating in overtly partisan politics like Black Lives Matter and these pride lobby groups, the police are obviously taking political sides.

Which brings me, at long last, to the news of today. It’s about a police officer who made a political statement. But it was different from the political statements I’ve shown you so far. The first and most important thing, I think, is that the cop involved was not wearing his uniform. He wasn’t on duty. He wasn’t doing it with the authority of and in the name of the government. He wasn’t breaking rule number five, because he was at home, making a social media post.

The second thing, of course — and this is much more important — is that he wasn’t woke. He was the opposite of woke — which I’m calling “awake”. He was criticizing Justin Trudeau. I know, it’s shocking. I’m literally shaking, I need to go to my safe space. Someone made fun of dear leader, someone mocked The Precious.

Here’s how the government journalists at the CBC state broadcaster reported it:

"B.C. Mountie's anti-Trudeau website raises concerns about discriminatory views within the RCMP"

I mean, right there, that’s gorgeous already, isn’t it. They call him a B.C. Mountie, and he is, but his comments were not made in that capacity. But the headline leads you to think it was. They call the website anti-Trudeau, which is accurate. But then they call that “discriminatory”. Because, you see, if you disagree with Trudeau and his policies, you are obviously bigoted.

I’ll get into the story in a moment. But who wrote it? Was it this CBC conspiracy theorist? Nope. It was a left-wing activist named Brady Strachan, who spends his time heckling conservatives on Twitter, just in case you didn’t know he was already a government journalist for the CBC. Here’s his response to Jordan Peterson:

Brady knows his job is to defend Trudeau. Seriously, this is the guy mad that someone else has an anti-Trudeau website.

I saw this story on Strachan’s Twitter feed:

Did that really happen? Is that one of those Jussie Smollett things — that black actor walking in Chicago at night near a Subway, and some Trump guys jump out of the dark and say, this is MAGA country and just happened to be carrying a noose, and put it around his neck, and he bravely fought them off, without ever dropping his subway sandwich, and for some reason he left the noose on until the police came ... Was it that kind of story? You know — an obvious hoax?

Why yes, it was. So there goes Brady Strachan, Trudeau’s journalist, spreading anti-Trump misinformation and hoaxes, and that’s fine, maybe he’s not that smart to see through scams, but now that the scammer confessed, why hasn’t Strachan tweeted an update or taken down the lie?

Well, because he’s not a journalist, he’s a Trudeau propagandist. Anyways just a briefing on who he is. Let’s read the story. Or part of it — it’s massive, it’s a full-on character assassination piece.

"Police officer's satirical website pokes fun at prime minister, LGBTQ+ issues and immigration policy"

Well, we can’t have anyone poking fun at things, can we?

And then they have a picture, which looks like it’s poking fun. That’s the worst.

A man wearing shirt and tie and sunglasses holds his hands in a prayer position on a political website mocking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Here’s the caption:

"The RCMP are investigating after a police officer in Trail, B.C., launched a satirical, political website called the Church of Trudeau mocking the Prime Minister and funding of Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities."

And they have the website, which sounds funny. But if you go there, you will see that it’s been taken down. Another great free speech moment brought to you by Trudeau’s enforcers at the CBC.

But there’s something called the Wayback machine, that takes snapshots of every page on the internet and archives them. Here’s what the site looked like before it was nuked. It reads:

"Liberal Gospel & Teachings For Living Your Best Socialist Life: The High Prophet of the Church of Trudeau, Father B, shares with you his teachings on how to live your best socialist life in Canada through embracing Left-Wing Liberal ideologies and best practices.”

And it goes on like that. It’s not rude; it’s not one of those F Trudeau things. It’s a satire – I think – I mean, maybe he means it.

Brenda Lucki would say all of those things with a straight face. I mean, has the CBC ever thought of that — that this guy, like them, really does worship at the church of Trudeau? They think he’s mocking them. But really, how could you tell?

Here’s the story:

"A B.C. Mountie's anti-Trudeau website is causing waves in a small West Kootenay community and raising concerns about political bias among the ranks of the RCMP. The Church of Trudeau website was online last November and early December and featured theatrical performances by a man dressed up as multiple characters in what appears to be satirical political commentary about the Prime Minister and what the site referred to as "left-wing Liberal ideologies.”

Was it really making waves? Or did some left-wing loser send this to the CBC for them to stoke this up into a name and shame cancel culture moment, to remind people not to dare challenge the precious one?

I mean, I know how hard it is to build up a following online. Did this guy really go viral? I don’t believe it. I believe the CBC concocted this whole story, to please their master, and show them how obedient they are. And I bet Brady Strachan is going to get a promotion out of it, just like that Putin trucker gal got a promotion.

"CBC News has confirmed the identity of the man in photos and videos on the website as Trail, B.C., RCMP officer Brent Lord through a source familiar with the website and its contents. The RCMP says it is aware of the site and the matter is under review."

Real question: who asked the RCMP to put it under review? I bet you a dollar the CBC did. That’s how they do “journalism”. They’re activists; they complained and then they write a story about their own complaint but they style it as a “wave” of concern.

"In one of four videos CBC News has obtained, Lord plays the role of a character he calls Father B, and professes to be "the High Prophet of the Church of Trudeau" as he explains what the website is about, stating, "our religion teaches the importance of socialism, of cancelling everyone that offends anyone, of being woke and highly emotional.”

Yeah, I think he nailed it. And I think the CBC is too stupid to realize they are actually doing exactly what he said they would: trying to cancel him.

The thing is, though, they’re late. The website was taken down late last year. The CBC just wants to make sure this cop gets punished, fired, whatever, but most of all — that he’s used as an example. You can go to a pride parade in uniform, you can go to a BLM rally in uniform, and take a knee, but you’d bloody well better not criticize Trudeau, even gently, even in civilian clothes, on your own time. Or you’ll be smeared and destroyed by Trudeau’s war room.

By the way, there’s nothing racist or bigoted about the comments. He’s just poking fun at Trudeau. 

I don’t really like cops being political. But I’m talking about cops running political errands as cops. Like being mask police, or health inspectors — something they’re not trained for, something they weren’t hired to do, something they were atrocious at doing. The police murdered their own reputations during the lockdowns. They’re gross when they go to BLM rallies — an American fundraising scam that is politically irrelevant up here. And the fact that police are banned from pride parades shows how political those are too.

So don’t kid yourselves — cops in Canada are political. I mean, a fish rots from the head down — no one is worse than Brenda Lucki.

But if you make a joke in your private life about Trudeau, get ready to be destroyed.

GUEST: Lorne Gunter, Canadian Columnist on Premier Danielle Smith pushing back against Trudeau's 'just transition'.

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