'Trans' rugby player confronted as unhinged teammates scream, police arrive

One of the three women injured by Ash Davis last month has said, 'I had never been hit like that before, even at the competitive women’s level. There was so much more brute force. There are women who are bigger than him, but no girl hits like that. This is a strong human.'

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Meet Ash Davis. Or is it “Ashley” these days? Mr. Davis plays for the Fergus Highlanders WOMEN’s team. He tackles hard. Just ask those three women players who suited up for the Stoney Creek Camels last month who had to be removed from the game thanks to Ash’s debilitating tackles.

Ash is clearly a male; in fact, he doesn’t even try to look female. He has an Adam’s apple. Male pattern baldness is setting in. And it’s impossible to ignore those leg muscles.

We visited Fergus, Ont. last Saturday to take in a game between the Highlanders and Burlington. We think it is safe to describe Ash’s style as “ambush-predator.” Which is to say, he spends most of his time on the pitch casually strolling around, not that active at all. But what he’s actually doing is waiting for a female player on the other side to take procession of the ball. Then he goes into charging rhino mode. Think of that infamous hit Scott Stevens rendered onto Eric Lindros a few decades ago — that is Ash’s style. Except he’s a male and his victims are female.

It is outrageous. It is egregious. And it is clearly unsafe for real women to play against this brute. And it is perhaps the most overlooked, underreported Canadian sports story of 2023.

As far as we can see, Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun is the only mainstream media scribe to pen a story on this gender-bending grifter.

Indeed, Warmington noted that female players with the Stony Creek team felt as though they were being “hit by a bus on the field. Or a truck.”

Stated one injured player: “I had never been hit like that before, even at the competitive women’s level. There was so much more brute force. There are women who are bigger than him, but no girl hits like that. This is a strong human.”

Naturally, given our cancel culture environment that is championed by the rainbow mafia, the woman did not want to give her name.

Diana Murphy, a friend of some of the players, tweeted: “Three women’s rugby players had to be removed from a game and treated for injuries from hits sustained by a transwoman” and that she feels “Trans have no place in women’s sports.”

But get this: Ash being on the field goes against the sport’s governing body, World Rugby. WR notes what should be obvious in this statement: “Transgender women may not currently play women's rugby. Why? Because of the size, force- and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks this creates.”

Yet Warmington noted last month that the rugby authorities in Canada are beholden to wokeness. Rugby Canada said this is a federal inclusion issue and not only is this transgender player welcomed in the league, but the law protects that person from discrimination.


Meanwhile, Rugby Ontario responded by issuing a gag order to players: “If you are contacted by anyone in the community or the media, please do not engage by offering any opinion or comment on the situation.”

Brutal. Just like Ash/Ashely.

After the game last Saturday against Burlington (Burlington won, 47-21; presumably Fergus needs more men on the team), we attempted to interview Ash. He ran from us; meanwhile, many of his teammates blocked our passage as they hysterically yelled, “human rights” and “trans women are real women.”

It was astonishing. These young women are apparently so indoctrinated that they take no issue with this cheater playing against — and routinely injuring — real female players.

It’s supposedly all about the unholy trinity of equity, diversity and inclusion. But really, what this really boils down to is garden-variety misogyny. The woke dopes who comprise Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario would do well to adhere to the rules and regulations of World Rugby, and the sooner the better.

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