‘We are not going to authorize a single cent of our payment to go towards confiscating handguns’

On this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Senior Columnist for The Edmonton Sun, Lorne Gunter joins and discusses Premier Smith's speech and the Sovereignty Act.

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Lorne Gunter who is the Senior Columnist of The Edmonton Sun joins Ezra to discuss what Premier Smith said in her speech to Albertans.

Smith said in her speech:

The final resolution that came forward. And if you look at Minister Steven Guilbeault comments about why he did not support that, he said it's because in Canada, natural resources are a provincial jurisdiction. And if he signed on to a resolution to phase out oil and natural gas, he would face a legal challenge from the provinces that Ottawa would not win.

Now, this is not language I've ever heard out of Steven Guilbeault, but I think it goes to the work that our Environment Minister, Sonya Savage, has done in helping to educate Ottawa that we are not a subordinate level of government that we want. Why you need this power. What is so urgent that you would use what is normally an emergency power to skip around the legislature to?

Gunter commented on Smith's speech by saying:

I am surprised that Guilbeault said that at COP 27 in Egypt because the feds have not cared. That's one of the reasons why I like this act. I, I think there's a lot in it that is redundant, that there's already the existing powers under the Constitution for the provincial government do a lot of the things laid out in the Sovereignty Act.

I think a lot of it is going to be is going to end up being a dead end. We know, for instance, one of the things that the provincial government wants to do with this act is put the onus on the feds to show that a law they passed is constitutional. Rather than Alberta having to go to court, sometimes with other provinces to say to see whether the courts will uphold the federal law is constitutional.

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