Canada is now world famous for suiciding the young, the old, the weak and the poor

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We have different beats here at Rebel News. I like to talk about topics like the trucker convoy, lockdowns, federal politics, free speech and foreign affairs – in the United States, China and elsewhere.

Other reporters cover other beats. Sheila Gunn Reid, our chief reporter, covers Western issues and firearms. But she also covers life issues, too, as in governments snuffing out life.

And unfortunately in Canada, that’s happening a lot. It's crazy stuff, government doctors are deciding that they won’t give a woman an organ transplant because she won’t get jabbed, effectively sentencing her to death.

Imagine being a doctor, signing up to the "do no harm" principle, the Hippocratic oath and you’re voting essentially to sentence someone to death by denying them life-saving treatment. Doctors can be angels or they can be angels of death.

That’s what they called Dr. Josef Mengele — the Angel of Death. He really was a doctor who really did atrocious medical experiments on concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany. So many doctors were involved — afterwards they had the doctor trials, in Nuremberg. That’s where they came up with the Nuremberg Code, so that never again could people be forced to take medical procedures against their wishes, without prior informed consent.

For nearly 80 years that was the gold standard in medical ethics. But the pandemic blew that away and now we’re here — not just where doctors withhold medical care, to kill someone. That could be labelled as passive murder but where they pro-actively, actually kill someone – That’s not even suicide, is it? That’s homicide. Of course they give it a name — MAID — which stands for Medical Assistance In Dying. No, that’s homicide. If you agree, you can sign our petition to let the government know how you really feel about it.

The story hasn't been completely ignored in the mainstream media but it’s certainly not being given the attention it deserves. More people will be killed this year by doctors, on purpose, under the “MAID” program, than will die from Covid 19 ... That’s a fact.

You’d think it would be much bigger news. A fashion company called Simons thinks it’s an important issue ... as in, they love it. They think it’s important to promote and glamorize it. I’m not sure how that sells women’s clothing but Simons has produced a TV ad to promote suicide. Not to oppose suicide; not to support mental health week, or kids help phone, or a suicide crisis hotline. The oppose. Simons has engaged a fancy ad agency to make a beautiful ad promoting suicide as a beautiful exit. They are literally pro-death.

The company's CEO calls himself the “chief merchant” but he's actually a merchant of death. I’m not sure if he thinks he can sell more clothes by being known as the pro-homicide fashion designer – I'm not sure how that works but listen to this self-righteous murderer-condoner. He’s bragging about how brave he is. Brave for telling women to kill themselves.

The ad never comes right out and says she was killed by doctors, it is ambiguous — they say she was “terminally ill”. So maybe he’s not quite that brave but he’s proud of himself. Watch the ad yourself in the video above.

It attempts to make suicide glamorous, but it's really satanic, isn’t it? So naturally the CBC loves it. Just euphoric about the normalization and commercialization of euthanasia. Here’s one story, 1,500 words of euthanasia propaganda, without a single voice of concern or criticism. Just gushing.

In fact, the reality of government-sponsored homicide is not just unglamorous — it’s deeply troubling. In Canada, military veterans are now being counselled to commit suicide. There are a half dozen such cases. Veterans with PTSD, well, they cost a lot, you see and Trudeau just doesn’t have enough money to care care of them. He has enough money to fight them in court, or to kill them, but not to hep them.

It’s not just veterans, it’s people who are in pain, depressed or just having a rough go of it but sometimes it’s just people who are poor. Imagine thinking it’s better to kill yourself than to be poor.

This is now how it is in Canada. It’s coming to the U.S. soon, too, I’m sure. Biden's senior advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Rahm Emanuel), has argued that suicide is good because it saves money.

Jonathan Swift, a few hundred years ago, wrote a satire called “A Modest Proposal”, where he proposed to eat the poor. It was a horrendous dark joke — meant as a joke, meant as a social commentary. It’s now not a joke anymore. It’s a scheme. It’s a plot.

Here’s a draft policy by Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, telling doctors who commit assisted suicide to NOT write suicide on the death certificate, but rather to claim the underlying disease killed their patients:

When completing the medical certificate of death, physicians:

A) must list the illness, disease ,or disability leading to the request for MAID as he cause of death; and

B) must not make any reference to MAID or the medications administered on the 100 certificate.

But that’s a lie. The disease leading to the request for suicide didn’t kill them, the doctor did. That’s Canada and it's normal here now. It’s still shocking around the world. 

GUEST: Lorne Gunter on Danielle Smith's throne speech

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