'A new sense of pride' has swept across Hungary, fuelling development: István Kiss

Ezra Levant speaks to István Kiss, executive director at the Danube Institute, about Hungary's development as a nation after leaving behind its bleak socialist past and rekindling a spirit of pride in the nation.

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Throughout its history, Hungary has been a nation dominated by powerful global players. From the Habsburg monarchs and the Turkish sultans in the past to the more recent Soviet rule, Hungarians have been faced with a fight to sustain their culture.

This week, Ezra Levant has been touring the country in an attempt to uncover what Hungary's really like, compared to the “far-right threat to liberal democracy” the country is portrayed as by mainstream media outlets.

During his trip, Ezra sat down for an in-depth conversation with István Kiss, executive director of the Danube Institute, a conservative Hungarian think tank. 

In this clip from last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, István explained how Hungarians can be pessimistic people because of their past, but they do have a sense of purpose driven by a restored sense of national pride.

Speaking of what he lived through, István said:

I remember Hungary 15 years ago under the socialist government. It was pretty bleak. If you looked back during that time at the buildings, at the public transport, it was far worse than it is now. There's this kind of feeling that a lot of our history is being restored, that there's a lot of development coming into the country.

I think that gives us a new sense of pride. But also, I think it's interesting and very important to have a focus on education. So here, we have national curriculums that the government also has a say in, and does focus on history to understand its not propaganda.

We do understand the importance of critical thinking towards your history. But it's also not what is happening in some places in America where basically you are saying that all of your history is terrible.

We still have the sense that Hungary was always a freedom loving country, we are very famous for our revolutions, our freedom fights against the Russians, the Habsburgs, fighting against the Turks.

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