WATCH: Africa Brooke on breaking the spell of political echo chambers

Avi Yemini catches up with reformed left-wing activist Africa Brooke on leaving the 'cult of wokeness' at the ARC conference in London.

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In a candid conversation at the ARC conference in London, Africa Brooke, shared her unique perspective on breaking free from the grip of political radicalisation.

As she delved into her personal experience as a left-wing advocate, she highlighted the paradoxical nature of her past self, embodying tolerance while employing intolerant methods.

Africa, who grew up in London, reflected on her awakening during the George Floyd protests and the realisation that her actions contradicted the values she purportedly championed — unity, diversity, and equality.

She confessed to participating in cancel culture, acknowledging it as a form of collective sabotage.

The unusual alliance between far-left groups and those with radical Islamist views has been on full display recently, questioning the dynamics of the evolving political landscape in London.

Our conversation touched upon the challenges of engaging in conversations across ideological divides and further into the concept of self-sabotage, a term Africa uses to describe the contradiction between stated values and behaviour.

She highlighted the importance of people to question their beliefs and engage in respectful conversations, urging others to avoid falling into echo chambers, regardless of political labels.

When asked about breaking free from ideological trances, Africa offered a nuanced perspective, describing the process as gradual and uncomfortable. She encouraged individuals to lean into discomfort and be curious about opposing views, cautioning against forceful attempts to change minds.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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