After two years, charges against alleged leader of Ambassador Bridge protest dropped with help from TDF

'The crown attorney has withdrawn all criminal charges against William Laframboise, the alleged leader of the Windsor protests that blocked the Ambassador Bridge in February 2022,' stated The Democracy Fund.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra summarized the situation regarding Tamara Lich, the spiritual leader of the Ottawa Trucker convoy, who is entering her second year in prosecution. Lich had been jailed for 49 days before being released, and Ezra described the trial as a bizarre and excruciating exercise, suggesting that the process itself serves as punishment.

Ezra provided an update on trials underway in Lethbridge, Alberta for individuals known as the "Coutts three and four," referencing the town of Coutts located at the border between Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana, where another blockade occurred. He noted the seriousness of these trials and their continuation in the weeks ahead.

Shifting focus, he mentioned a third location where truckers staged a sensational blockade, blocking the bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, Michigan, garnering international attention. Ezra highlighted the significance of this bridge as an international hub for the auto industry and mentioned that numerous charges were laid in connection to the blockade.

Finally, Ezra expressed his delight in sharing news from The Democracy Fund (TDF) and proceeded to read from a press release:

The crown attorney has withdrawn all criminal charges against William Laframboise, the alleged leader of the Windsor protests that blocked the Ambassador Bridge in February 2022.  

The Democracy Fund (TDF) litigation director, Alan Honner, stood beside his client, LaFramboise, as the charges were withdrawn before Justice Campbell this past Wednesday. While the crown attorney stated that there were triable issues, he also explained to the court that it was not in the public interest to prosecute Laframboise given the evidentiary challenges of the crown’s case and other serious matters that were vying for trial time in a backlogged court system.

Alan Honner, Litigation Director at TDF joined Ezra to give further insight on the matter.

"Well, you know, Ezra it's not uncommon for criminal charges to resolve right before the trial or close to the trial. This particular trial was set for five days and it was going to be heard at the end of April. TDF came on just about 23 weeks ago, and within about a week of our getting on to represent Mr. LaFramboise, the charges were withdrawn," Honner said.

So for the first two years, he actually didn't have, did he have another war? Ezra asked.

"No, he didn't have counsel," Honner replied. "He was self represented, but he was sort of a unique person. He wasn't like the other protesters, all of the other protesters that we represented, they were all arrested on the streets at the scene of the protest."

"But LaFramboise was different. He was arrested about six months later and he was arrested because, I suppose it's the police, maybe it was the attorney general decided that date, they needed a leader, they needed somebody who could probably a bit of a scapegoat for the blockades that happened in Windsor," Honner added.

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