Biden remains asleep at the wheel as U.S. struggles with border invasion

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Tonight, Ezra travels south to provide you the latest updates on America's illegal immigration problem.

America's border with Mexico is nothing short of an unmitigated disaster -- perhaps, the understatement of the year thus far.

Frankly speaking, the border is enormous. And the difference between America and Mexico is night and day.

In Naco, Mexico, you can hear military drones attempting to uncover coyotes -- those who smuggle countless migrants across the border.

In fact, all the way down from Sierra Vista to the border, we saw police and border patrol agents.

Everywhere we went, we saw dozens of border patrol police vehicles. Along the way included several migrant check stops on the highway.

Yet, the migrants still keep coming. Millions of illegal immigrants continue to waltz across the border.

The contrast in economic opportunity and freedom is stark. So much so that people continue to take their chances in spite of the considerable troop deployment.

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