Alexandre Trudeau praises 'accomplishments' of Communist China

The prime minister's brother said he visited China 'once or twice a year for about 10 years' until 2015. 'I like to travel in China and observe things that are not easily seen,' he said.

Alexandre Trudeau praises 'accomplishments' of Communist China
AP Photo/Eraldo Peres (Image Right) and THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang (Image Left)
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Alexandre Trudeau testified at the House of Commons ethics committee Wednesday on his role with the Trudeau Foundation. During his testimony, he stressed the "need [for Canadians] to recognize certain accomplishments" of the Chinese Communist Party. 

"I am a reader of Confucius," said the prime minister's brother. "We need to recognize certain accomplishments of that regime." 

Trudeau said he visited China "once or twice a year for about 10 years" until 2015. "I like to travel in China and observe things that are not easily seen," he said.

"Do I believe the Chinese government made considerable economic achievements? I do," continued Trudeau. "I think one has to state in a positive sense the organizing principles of the Chinese Communist Party have made a significant economic impact on the country."

"What is your political viewpoint about China now?" asked Bloc Québécois MP René Villemure. "I think President Xi's government is a problem for their country and the world," replied the prime minister's brother. "They are in transition."

On May 3, Trudeau rejected the assertion of the Commons committee that Zhang Bin and Niu Gensheng attempted to influence the Trudeau family with a $140,000 donation in 2016 to the Trudeau Foundation.

"No state and no individual attempted to influence the Canadian government through the foundation," he firmly said.

According to Blacklock's Reporter, Trudeau signed the donation agreement for the $140,000 donation in question that came from a Beijing group affiliated with the Communist Party. However, he claimed he didn't hear about it "until it was time to sign it."

A February exposé by The Globe and Mail reported that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) intercepted a 2014 conversation between Zhang and an unnamed Chinese diplomat during the 2015 federal election. Supposedly, they discussed the possibility of the Liberals defeating the Conservative Party of Canada to form the next government.

An unnamed national security source claimed Beijing would reimburse Zhang for the entire donation to the Trudeau Foundation. The Globe did not disclose its source because they risked prosecution under the Security of Information Act.

"I have no reason to believe their motives were not honourable," testified Trudeau. "The idea that there was a set-up here, I just think, is patently false," he added.

Conservative MP Garnett Genuis countered that people donated to the Trudeau Foundation to curry favour with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Anonymous security sources reported that Chinese diplomats and their proxies worked to defeat Conservative politicians considered "hostile" towards Beijing during the 2019 and 2021 federal elections, actively spreading "misinformation" and giving undeclared cash donations.

"Frankly, this is a waste of time because there is not a foreign interference issue here at the Foundation," said Trudeau on the hearing.

According to a 2016 tax receipt, a Chinese cultural group — with ties to Beijing — asked Canada to reissue the tax receipt to an address in Beijing, not Hong Kong. The donors brokered the donation on behalf of Millennium Golden Eagle International — the state-licensed media production company for China Central Television.

"Did you know with whom you were dealing?" asked New Democrat MP Matthew Green. "Yes, absolutely," replied Trudeau.

"You know the regime tries to interfere with Western democracies?" asked Conservative MP Luc Berthold. "I never thought there was any interference," replied Trudeau.

Former foundation head, Morris Rosenberg, claimed the first installment was "not recorded as a foreign donation since a Canadian entity paid it." Trudeau had no explanation, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

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