BREAKING: Video of alleged Edmonton City Hall shooter's motivation emerges

A video showing the alleged shooter at Edmonton City Hall has revealed potential motivations behind the incident.

BREAKING: Video of alleged Edmonton City Hall shooter's motivation emerges
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An gunman entered Edmonton City Hall on January 23, 2024. Authorities say he was armed with at least one long gun and a Molotov cocktail. Despite shots being fired and a fire being set, no one was injured, and the attacker was taken into custody. 

Information surrounding the incident has been vague, with no details emerging yet regarding a motivation for the attacks. Authorities have only stated they believe the attacker acted alone.

Police have since filed charges against 28-year-old Bezhani Sarvar, as reported by Global News.

Today, video has emerged that allegedly shows the shooter citing concerns over the situation in Gaza, inflation, immigration, and political corruption among his motivations for what he called his “mission.”

The video, which has not officially been linked to Sarvar, features an unidentified individual who appears to match the very few images of the shooter circulating on social media since the attack.

The individual in the video appears to be wearing a black Commisionaires security uniform, but as of now there is no indication as to whether he works for the company or if he secured a uniform as part of his plan to access Edmonton City Hall.

Appearing to read from a script, the individual in the video encourages public employees to “rise up against this wokeism disease that's leading our generation into deception.”

He continues, calling others to “rise up against this inflation, housing crisis, the unrest that is happening between us because of multiculturalism.” A cut in the video then targets “anybody” linked to the “genocide that's going on in Gaza and throughout the world,” vowing to those he accuses of “destabilizing” the world, “Inshallah, we will put you on trial.”

The video then cuts again, this time to the individual talking about a “man-made immigration crisis,” describing immigrants as “part of the plan.”

He then speaks of “standing together with Canadians shoulder-to-shoulder to fight racism, to fight this inflation, to fight this rising of costs, to fight our tax money going into this genocide, that's going into all these wars [and] weapons that's destroying all these countries.”

The individual further suggests the need to “promote a healthy life” and laments people's usage of cellphones. The speaker then talks in another language before concluding, “Inshallah, I shall succeed with my mission. If I don't succeed, I know somebody else will succeed for me.”

Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee described the shooter as entering the building through an underground parkade before walking through, firing shots and shattering glass. Bezhani Sarvar is facing several firearms and arson charges.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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