Alternative candidates speak out ahead of B.C. election at Vancouver Freedom Rally

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British Columbians have only three days until they cast their vote for who they would like to see lead the province after B.C.’s Premier John Horgan, leader of the NDP, called a snap election.

Despite the criticisms Horgan has received for calling the election in the middle of what he considers to be a pandemic, recent polls on the B.C. election place the NDP in the lead. It appears the Liberals are not far behind, followed by the Green Party.

That’s almost always where the polls stop, even though there are a total of 332 candidates running on behalf of 10 political parties as well as 24 independents in this election.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with some of the less-advertised candidates when they attended the B.C. Freedom Mega Rally 2020 in Vancouver this past weekend.

Naoimi Chocyk, Kim McCann, and Gölök Buday, from the B.C. Libertarian Party were present, as was Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, who recently became the leader of The Christian Heritage Party of B.C., and is running in the Abbotsford district. I was even able to chat with an Independent candidate, Marcella Williams, who is running in the Surrey-Cloverdale riding.

I asked the candidates their opinions on everything from Canadian liberties and what needs to change in the province, to China’s influence in Canada. In a previous report, I explored what appears to be a Belt and Road Facility being built and backed by the Chinese Communist Party, in Delta.

Watch my full report to see what the candidates had to say.

If you live in B.C., will you be taking a closer look at some of the non-major party candidates in your riding before voting day? Let me know!

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