The Dutch Farmer Rebellion & The Culture War | Keean Bexte, Ian Miles Cheong, Casey Rocket | Andrew Says 81

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As situations continue to escalate in the Netherlands with the Dutch Farmer Rebellion, the Counter Signal's Keean Bexte joins Andrew Says to give updates from the ground in Holland, as farmers and truckers alike continue to block roadways, airports and other areas in response to a green energy plan that will see a significant number of them out of work.

Writer and commentator Ian Miles Cheong discusses the uprising, along with topics such as inflation, social media censorship and prominent women such as Macey Gray and Bette Midler coming to the defence of women-only spaces.

Last but not least, comedian Casey Rocket speaks on political correctness in comedy and the role of streaming/media platforms in hosting content and whether or not they should take sides in the culture war.

Exclusive to RebelNews+ subscribers, Rocket and Cheong talk about haters and hecklers in terms of their on-going prominence.

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