Patriot J Loves Joe Biden | Andrew Says 82

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Writer, rapper and lawyer Patriot J (@SirHottest) returns to Andrew Says to demolish the Biden administration's policies that have seen 40-year highs in inflation, with the lowest amount of strategic oil in the country's reserves since the mid-80s.

Not only are the strategic fuel levels at a low, Patriot J points out how the sales of said oil have gone to China, which may be in connection to Hunter Biden, the President's son.

The pair of commentators discuss some of Hunter's infamous iCloud leaks and what compels the First Family to flaunt themselves so flagrantly.

While reviewing some of the President and First Lady's recent faux-pas, the conversation quickly turned to Joe Biden's troubled record when it comes to segregation, busing and his relationship with Dixiecrats.

Exclusive to RebelNews+! Watch Patriot J explain his thoughts about streaming platform censorship and discuss his plans on releasing new music.

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