Grand Theft Biden | Jason Miller & Chandler Crump | Andrew Says 77

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CEO Jason Miller of popular alternative social media platform GETTR returns to Andrew Says to talk about new features that Miller says will create an all-encompassing platform that has been slowly built out over the past year. Introducing a new competitor to Tik Tok and Instagram's reels, 'Vision' is GETTR's foray into short, viral videos in a vertical format for consuming on phones.

Miller also announced a crypto currency to be earned/partnered with the platform called GETTR Coin.

Also joining the show is Billboard's youngest hip-hop artist to go to #1, Chandler Crump.

Crump gives commentary on Gen Z's 'Easter Bunny' politics and Joe Biden's governance over the economy. As well the pair remark on the media's excusing of Biden family business dealings:

"Hunter Biden is living like he's in Grand Theft Auto 5," says Crump, while Miller spoke about business deals being ignored by the media.

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