A Bachelor in Paradise: Leo Dottavio | Andrew Says 87

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(Our podcast service is experiencing some issues today, we apologize if you unable to access the audio version of tonight's show)

One of the most exciting guests to ever grace Andrew Says, former Bachelorette in Paradise star Leo Dottavio takes a break from stand-up comedy to join the show.

Dottavio, who is a staple on the Danny Mullen channel, also spent time as a Hollywood stunt man before his foray into the reality show world. As the lead in one of Universal Studio's most highly regarded attractions (Waterworld), the former Division 1 college athlete has transitioned smoothly into podcasting, comedy and the world of YouTube.

The California native joins Andrew Says to discuss all of his former careers, including being a 'controversial' reality show participants, a world where Dottavio says he truly didn't belong.

“I wouldn't call it fake...but there's definitely acting going on and they aren't telling people there is,” he explained.

The comedian described some of his most hilarious encounters, including at the infamous — and notoriously left-wing — Evergreen College as well as attending a WNBA game and trying to get a date with one of the players... during the game.

“A WNBA game is actually a great place to host a bachelor party, I invite everyone watching to have their bachelor party at a WNBA game and you won't be disappointed,” Dottavio told Andrew Chapados.

Exclusively on RebelNews+, Leo Dottavio gives his words on the political climate in the United States and explains why his channel was deleted from YouTube.

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