Are they fur real? Push to get pets vaxxed against COVID

'It’s a very simple vaccine and they could manufacture 24 hours a day if there is the demand for it'

Are they fur real? Push to get pets vaxxed against COVID
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Now that over 93% of all Australians are vaccinated, it’s time to think about our pets… At least, that’s what some dog owners are saying.

After the news broke that pets (such as dogs and cats) can catch Covid, Australia has started a push to vaccinate all 29 million of our furry friends.

There is no word yet on whether these vaccines will be ‘free’ (paid for by the taxpayer) or a vest cost.

I haven’t thought about the logistics of it it, but the vaccine itself is not a costly vaccine per vial. In Russia, most of the work is the vets doing their consult and administering it,” said Dr Kovac.

Dr Sam Kovac, from Southern Cross Vets in Sydney, has been seeking regulatory approval to bring the world’s only approved ‘pet vaccine’ into Australia. The Russian-made vaccine is currently caught up in the approvals process with a $105,000 registration fee as yet unpaid.

They put me in touch with getting an alternative permit. So it’s looking like fast-tracking is probably the wrong word, but there is an alternative method that we’re looking at to get this approved now. It’s pretty exciting," said Dr Kovac. “It looks like this is going to happen.”

Dog owners worried about their pets catching Covid are desperate for a chance to have them vaccinated even though, as with the human version of the vaccine, it will not stop their pets from catching Covid.

There are as yet no plans to import millions of pet vaccines, even if it gains approval. More likely is that vets will play the situation by ear and see what the interest is from pet owners.

It’s a very simple vaccine and they could manufacture 24 hours a day if there is the demand for it,” added Dr Kovac.

Given that Australians lining up for their third (and possibly fourth) shots, there's no doubt a lot of people panicked enough to get their pets jabbed as well. While various types of pets can catch Covid (as the virus has been long known to cross over), there is as yet no evidence that an infected animal can give Covid to their human owner.

It’s kind of weird because thinking about influenza, colds, other respiratory viruses, they don’t really affect dogs and cats. I’ve never heard of a case. But there’s plenty of evidence from overseas that dogs, cats, ferrets, and mink can contract Covid,” Dr Kovac said.

This might be why the Chinese regime in Hong Kong has planned to cull 2,000 pet hamsters. People have been told that they must ‘surrender their pets for disposal’ after Covid fragments were found on 11 hamsters in a pet shop.

All imports and sales of rodents have been suspended, even though Hong Kong’s Health Secretary reluctantly confirmed that there was no evidence of the animals passing Covid onto humans.

We have assessed the risks of these batches are relatively high and therefore made the decision based on public health needs,” the director of agriculture, fisheries and conservation," Dr Leung Siu-fai, said. “We urge all pet owners to observe strict hygiene when handling their pets and cages. Do not kiss or abandon them on the streets.”

That order was given shortly before Christmas, with owners warned not to ‘kiss or abandon them on the street’. The ruthless pursuit of China’s Covid Zero policy has been set in motion to ensure that the Beijing Olympics go ahead as planned – even if it means murdering people’s pets.

But don’t worry, Chinese authorities insist that the animals will be killed ‘humanely’.

They are far from the first country to cull animals over Covid. In 2020, Denmark killed 15 million minks – destroying their fur industry overnight – before burying them in mass graves including one near a bathing lake and source of drinking water.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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