Pastor Art's incarceration hearing adjourned: Alberta Health Services was TOO SLOW to hand evidence to Pawlowski lawyer

Pastor Art's incarceration hearing adjourned: Alberta Health Services was TOO SLOW to hand evidence to Pawlowski lawyer
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Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were in court this morning with their lawyer Sarah Miller to request an adjournment, in light of Alberta Health Services' late delivery of material and affidavits.

Pastor Art has been embarrassing Alberta Health Services for years, and during the pandemic he was issued dozens of pandemic-related tickets because he refuses to stop feeding the homeless. As well, the pastor refused to limit his church services to 15 per cent capacity of fire code under COVID restrictions.

The police visited Art's church on Holy Saturday and he cast them out, not allowing them to disrupt his services. So the provincial government attained a secret warrant using secret evidence, without notice being provided to Art.

You can read more background on Pastor Art's ongoing court case related to this warrant by visiting our petition to Save Artur.

Here's what Sheila Gunn Reid recorded on Twitter this morning about the hearing:

In court this morning for the contempt sanctions hearing for Pastor Art Pawlowski and his brother [Dawid].

[They're] facing weeks in jail for contempt of a court order that prohibited in person church services.

We are crowdfunding their lawyers at

Sarah Miller is the lawyer from JSS Barristers [and] is representing Art Pawlowski & his brother. She's also on our [Charter] challenge of the lockdown in Saskatchewan and on our appeal [of] the federal covid jails system. She's the best. Made in a lab for lawyering.

Justice Germain is discussing another contempt allegation for independent journalist Donald Smith who took a screenshot of prior court proceedings & shared it online in violation of the judge's instructions at the beginning of EVERY SINGLE HEARING.

His hearing is set for Aug 19

Justice Germain is explaining that because of the screenshot allegedly taken and shared by Donald Smith, there are increased security protocols for observers to online WebEx Court proceedings.

(Justice Germain is tasked with handling almost all of the lockdown contempt and ticket hearings. What happens in one case is a good barometer for what happens in another)

Wrapped up some scheduling on other matters. Pawlowskis are up next. Sarah Miller is asking for an adjournment now because of late delivery of materials/affidavits from Alberta Health Services to her.

We are crowdfunding Pastor Art's legal defence at

Sounds like the Pawlowskis are getting adjourned until August 13 and 14. This gives Miller a chance to cross the Alberta Health Services affiants on their sworn evidence.

Miller seems sick of AHS trickling in their evidence/affidavits. Wants to set a close of evidence date.

Judge is noting that covid is still a problem in provincial institutions.

Yet Alberta Health Services is asking for incarceration for the Pawlowskis of 21 days in jail for opening their church.

Judge thanks Miller for her courtesy and respect.

AHS wants to adjourn the Chris Scott matter scheduled for 1 pm.

Scott is the owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe who was arrested and held for 3 days for violating a court order against protesting the lockdown.

You can help us offset his legal fees at

Both sides, Alberta Health Services and Chad Williamson from Williamson Law acting on behalf of Chris Scott, have agreed to an adjournment and they're going to meet at 1:00 p.m. to set dates.

To sign up for email updates and to help us cover Pastor Art's legal costs, please visit

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  • By Adam Soos

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