WATCH: Masked thug ASSAULTS Rukshan as Victoria Police look on

Independent Melbourne journalist Rukshan Fernando was assaulted by anti-Israel protesters outside a City of Melbourne council meeting due to his friendship with a Jew.

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Rukshan Fernando, an independent journalist known for his coverage of protests and events in Melbourne, found himself in the midst of a violent altercation during a City of Melbourne council meeting.

The meeting, addressing a ceasefire motion related to the Israel-Gaza conflict, drew attention from various groups, including radical anti-Israel protesters.

As Rukshan attempted to document the events unfolding outside the council building, he was confronted by anti-Israel demonstrators who took issue with his association with me.

Despite asserting his role as a journalist and his right to cover the council meeting, Rukshan was subjected to verbal harassment and intimidation as police watched on.

"I am not a party to this. I will not be intimidated by them," Rukshan exclaimed, highlighting the unjust targeting he faced due to his friendship with a Jew.

The situation escalated when Fernando was physically assaulted not once, but twice, directly in front of law enforcement officers.

Despite capturing the offender on camera and urging police intervention, Rukshan's pleas for justice were met with indifference.

"The police won't do anything even though they've seen it, they don't care," he lamented, reflecting on the failure of law enforcement to address the violence perpetrated against him.

The assault, compounded by the lack of police response, underscores broader concerns regarding safety and press freedom in Melbourne.

Rukshan's experience serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by journalists operating in increasingly hostile environments.

In the aftermath of the incident, Rukshan has called for accountability and urged the public to share his story to shed light on the realities faced by independent journalists.

With mainstream media outlets failing to report on the attack, Rukshan's plea for justice and accountability resonates as a call to action for a society committed to upholding press freedom and safeguarding the rights of journalists.

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